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bizhub = biz + hub = Business Hub.

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Emperon™ represents Konica Minolta's latest generation of versatile printing system architecture designed to provide seamless integration and perfect compatibility while enhancing printing functionality and performance. Fully integrated into Konica Minolta's new-generation bizhub output systems, Emperon™ does not require any additional hardware.

Emperon™ delivers print results of outstanding quality and amazes with its powerful performance. With the decision for Emperon™ any company, large or small, can instantly maximize its printing potential and achieve previously unknown levels of productivity. Konica Minolta has shown competence for years as one of the market leaders in high-quality multifunctional output devices. Since introducing its proprietary Emperon™ controller technology Konica Minolta has also established itself as a pioneering developer of powerful controller architecture.

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ECT stands for Emperon printer driver Customization Tool.

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